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Water / Soil Sinking Contractor

Whenever a contractor constructs a home or other structure, the building relies on the integrity of its foundation. If sinking occurs, it is normally due to changes in the soil or intrusions of water. If the problem is ignored, the damage will worsen, increasing the cost to repair the structure and correct the source of the damage. Therefore, it is important to call an experienced Austin water or soil sinking contractor as soon as you suspect that your structure’s foundation has been compromised. Juniors Materials would be happy to evaluate your sinking problem, recommend the appropriate remedy, and execute the action plan. We serve customers in many towns in the Texas Hill Country, including Round Rock, Austin, Hutto, Belton, Lago Vista, Elgin, and Bastrop.

What Are Some Signs That the Services of a Water or Soil Sinking Contractor Are Needed?

There are several signs that your structure is sinking, but some of them are too subtle for an untrained eye to recognize. However, there are a few that are easier to identify.

  1. Doors and windows become increasingly difficult to open and close. Exterior doors scrape or stick at the bottom, while interior doors stick at the top. Windows may resist efforts to open or close them, and gaps may develop in the window frames.
  2. The drywall or plaster may crack. Walls are placed under a great deal of stress when a foundation sinks, so they will often crack or curve. Cracks often start at the corners of doors and windows, then expand upward.
  3. Floors may slant or sag. Although the floor joists can also cause this issue, especially in older structures, the foundation is the most likely culprit.
  4. There are also a couple of strange things that can occur that may seem unrelated to foundation issues. A sinking foundation in Austin can exert pressure on water pipes, causing them to break or leak. A sinking foundation can also force nails forward against your drywall, creating bumps that you can see or feel.

What Repair Methods Might a Water or Soil Sinking Contractor Use?

The method will depend on the cause and severity of the sinking. The two most common methods are slab jacking and piering.

  1. Slab jacking is the cheapest option, but it typically has a short life. It is most often used for driveways, patios, and sidewalks. With this method, a slurry is infected beneath the slab to lift it up to its original elevation.
  2. Piering refers to the installation of a support beam to hold the foundation in place. Contractors normally use helical, push, or concrete piers. Although piering is more expensive, it is typically a one-time repair that should last a lifetime.

What Causes Foundations to Sink?

Normally, if a foundation is constructed correctly, there are only two basic reasons why it could sink.

  1. Changes in the soil underlying the foundation can be caused by settlement, seasonal temperature fluctuations, or pressure from the structure’s weight.
  2. Changes in the soil’s moisture can be caused by the expansion and contraction of clay-based soil when it responds to alternating wet and dry conditions. Hidden underground reservoirs, poor drainage, changes in the water table, and erosion can also contribute to sinking.

If your home or building is sinking, contact Juniors Materials. We are a well-respected company with the expertise to assess and correct the issue. We are a water or soil sinking contractor as well as an Austin concrete demolition contractor, skid-steer contractor, grading contractor, road base installer, and excavation contractor. We also offer Austin truck pickup, dump truck hauling, landscape material delivery, trash pickup, and decomposed granite delivery. You can request a free quote by filling out our online form, or you can call our office at 512-924-6887.