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Junior’s Materials started with a dream and has now culminated in a multi-vehicle hauling and excavation fleet that has been growing over the past 10 years.

Today, we are proud to have become a full-service Austin excavation, demolition and installation provider that has all of the equipment and materials you need to accomplish your mission. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with countless residential and commercial property owners along with other companies int the construction industry that rely upon our highly-skilled crew to help them meet their project goals while staying within their timeline and budget.

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A strong company foundation begins with people.

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A strong company foundation begins with people.

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A strong company foundation begins with people.
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We spend our day literally moving the earth from one place to another to clear the way for your residential and commercial construction projects. We make this happen by first taking the time to listen to your needs to identify which of our services you require to make your residential driveway, daycare playground or commercial home lot clearing project happen. Whether you need seven yards of mulch or multiple tons of road base, we believe that no job is too big or small to deserve our utmost care and attention.

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