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We’ve got the best Austin decomposed granite delivery services in town, as well as sandy loam, caliche, road base and playground materials. Our materials are selected for their quality and purity, and we can drop off anywhere from 7 yards to 22 tons in a single load.

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Junior’s commitment to excellence is at the heart of every service we complete. With over 10 years of experience in the hauling industry, we know how to quickly plan and execute services that include residential and commercial materials delivery along with meeting all of your land clearing needs.

Unique Technologies

The fleet of vehicles that we use for our Austin dump truck hauling and materials delivery services is constantly expanding to include the latest and greatest trucks that can withstand the heaviest-duty jobs. We inspect and maintain our Bobcat and dump trucks before and after every job to ensure that they’re always ready to provide timely deliveries and haul-offs while helping to maintain safety on your worksite.
About Junior Materials

Hauling and Material Contractor Austin

Junior Materials started with a dream and has now culminated in a multi-vehicle hauling fleet that has been growing over the past 10 years. Today, we are proud to have become a full-service Austin installation provider that has all of the equipment and materials you need to accomplish your mission. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with countless residential and commercial property owners along with other companies int the construction industry that rely upon our highly-skilled crew to help them meet their project goals while staying within their timeline and budget.

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    Move Heaven and Earth to Meet Your Project Needs

    We spend our day literally moving the earth from one place to another to clear the way for your residential and commercial construction projects. We make this happen by first taking the time to listen to your needs to identify which of our services you require to make your residential driveway, daycare playground or commercial home lot clearing project happen. Whether you need seven yards of mulch or multiple tons of road base, we believe that no job is too big or small to deserve our utmost care and attention.

    • Free quote on materials and services
    • Reliable small homes and large commercial materials delivery
    • Experienced leveling and grading services
    • Consistent communication through each stage of your project
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    The Top Contractor In Austin, Texas!

    We communicate effectively with our clients, provide accurate cost estimates, and complete projects within the agreed-upon timeline while maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

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    What We Offer for You

    Junior Materials is a commercial construction company that provides superior, quality construction services and operational excellence through efficient planning, direct communication and competitive pricing.

    Road Base Installation
    Constructing safe and long-lasting streets, driveways and footpaths begins with putting down a sturdy road base that can serve as the foundation for paving or as a standalone surface material. Since a road base is only as good as the materials that go into it, we provide a range of options for aggregates that include limestone, recycled concrete, decomposed granite, caliche and more!
    Decomposed Granite Delivery
    Decomposed granite is harder than marble and recognized in the construction industry as being one of the most versatile materials for use in a wide range of projects that includes landscaping, road base installations and the creation of walking paths.
    Skid-Steer Contractor
    Out of all of our equipment, our skid-steer is one of our most prized possessions. We use our skid-steer to do everything from excavation and trenching jobs to grading and demolition along with transporting heavy materials from one place to another.
    Grading Contractor
    Our reputation as a trustworthy Austin grading contractor is a point of pride. Delivering, smoothing and grading materials falls within our range of being a full-service materials hauling provider.
    Landscape Materials Delivery
    Finding quality road base is as simple as partnering with our team. We offer affordable landscape materials the range from fine grains of sand to one-inch rock that is delivered in a timely manner directly to the location of your work site. We’ll even help spread the materials at your request.
    Dump Truck Hauling
    Hauling materials is what we do best, and we’ll take anything you need to and from your work site with our heavy-duty machinery. We’ve got oversized dump trucks and trailers that can handle any size job. We’ll even show up with equipment to load it all up, if you want.
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    Check Out Our Incredible Projects

    When you love what you do, it shows! Our latest projects are just a pebble in the bucket of all of the amazing opportunities we get to contribute to our Austin, TX community.

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    Laying the groundwork for any construction project begins with becoming an expert on materials hauling and land clearing. Whether you’re curious about the differences between the various landscaping materials or just want to know how a dozer works, we’ve got the scoop! Check out our latest blog for more info to help keep you in the loop.