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Decomposed Granite Delivery

When constructing a road, walkway, driveway, or other pavement, you will have many options from which to choose. You are probably familiar with concrete, paving stones, gravel, asphalt, and other materials, but have you ever heard of decomposed granite? If not, it is an option that is worthy of your consideration. Juniors Materials offers decomposed granite delivery to homes and businesses in Austin as well as the neighboring towns, including Lago Vista, Bastrop, Hutto, Round Rock, Belton, and Elgin.

What Is Decomposed Granite?

The most common igneous rock on Earth is granite, which forms when magma cools and solidifies. Crystallization occurs below the surface, but because it cools slowly, granite forms large crystals. Granite contains feldspar, quartz, and mica grains that are typically large enough to be seen with the naked eye. Decomposed granite is granite that has weathered sufficiently to fracture into weaker, smaller pieces. With additional weathering, the rock can crumble into gravel-sized pieces mixed with clay and sand. Although its name might suggest otherwise, decomposed granite is actually harder than marble, and its strength and unique composition makes it ideal for many applications.

How Many Tons Are in a Decomposed Granite Delivery?

Although some materials contractors require the purchase of many tons, we can deliver as little as a single ton of decomposed granite. If you need more, we can deliver up to 25 tons in a single trip. On very large projects, we can arrange to make multiple deliveries daily or weekly.

What Are Some Projects That Might Benefit From a Decomposed Granite Delivery?

One of the great things about decomposed granite delivery in Austin is that it can be used for many different purposes. Decomposed granite is permeable, so its surfaces will not collect puddles of standing water, and they will not prevent the return of runoff to the water table. However, decomposed granite can be compacted firmly for roads, patios, driveways, trails, and even ballparks. Following are some of the most common reasons for using decomposed granite.

  1. Landscaping: Natural decomposed granite makes an excellent mulch for trees, shrubs, and other plants. Over time, decomposed granite will continue to weather, and this will add nutrients to the soil and the plants growing in the area. Because it is permeable, decomposed granite can also enhance drainage.
  2. Transportation: Decomposed granite can be compacted to support a high volume of vehicles and provide pathways for pedestrians, or nature trails for cyclists. Decomposed granite is sometimes used in the construction of a road base.
  3. Aesthetics: Decomposed granite can be found in a variety of colors. The colors depend on the composition of the granite at the site it was quarried or mined. However, unadulterated decomposed granite will feature colors that are found in its natural environment. Varying hues of brown, gray, red, or gold are common, allowing you to construct a road or pavement that can provide a natural aesthetic.

To learn more about decomposed granite delivery, contact Juniors Materials. In addition to decomposed granite, we also deliver a wide range of landscape materials. We also offer Austin excavation services, concrete demolition, dump truck hauling, truck pickup, grading, water or soil sinking solutions, trash pickup, skid steer services, and road base installation. We have an exceptional reputation for quality and service, and we offer great prices. If you are interested in receiving a free quote, give us a call at 512-924-6887, or, if you prefer, submit our online request form.