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Our company understand that in order to meet your needs, we must first understand your goals and maintain that focus throughout the project.

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Junior Materials is a commercial construction company that provides superior, quality construction services and operational excellence through efficient planning, direct communication and competitive pricing.

Road Base Installation
Constructing safe and long-lasting streets, driveways and footpaths begins with putting down a sturdy road base that can serve as the foundation for paving or as a standalone surface material. Since a road base is only as good as the materials that go into it, we provide a range of options for aggregates that include limestone, recycled concrete, decomposed granite, caliche and more!
Decomposed Granite Delivery
Decomposed granite is harder than marble and recognized in the construction industry as being one of the most versatile materials for use in a wide range of projects that includes landscaping, road base installations and the creation of walking paths.
Skid-Steer Contractor
Out of all of our equipment, our skid-steer is one of our most prized possessions. We use our skid-steer to do everything from excavation and trenching jobs to grading and demolition along with transporting heavy materials from one place to another.
Grading Contractor
Our reputation as a trustworthy Austin grading contractor is a point of pride. Delivering, smoothing and grading materials falls within our range of being a full-service materials hauling provider.
Landscape Materials Delivery
Finding quality road base is as simple as partnering with our team. We offer affordable landscape materials the range from fine grains of sand to one-inch rock that is delivered in a timely manner directly to the location of your work site. We’ll even help spread the materials at your request.
Dump Truck Hauling
Hauling materials is what we do best, and we’ll take anything you need to and from your work site with our heavy-duty machinery. We’ve got oversized dump trucks and trailers that can handle any size job. We’ll even show up with equipment to load it all up, if you want.