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Trash Pickup

The average American produces approximately 4.5 pounds of trash daily, compared to the global average of slightly more than 1.5 pounds daily. In a typical year, trash from all sources amounts to almost 270 tons. Demolishing a home or building produces about 155 pounds of debris per square foot, while constructing a home or building produces almost four pounds of debris per square foot. Regardless of whether you own a home or business, you will inevitably encounter a situation that requires you to dispose of bulky or heavy trash in a safe, efficient manner. At Juniors Materials, we offer professional trash pickup in Austin, Round Rock, Belton, Elgin, Bastrop, Lago Vista, and Hutto.

What Is a Trash Pickup Service?

Whether you call it trash, junk, or debris, we will bring our equipment and personnel to you, load your rubbish, and haul it away. Sometimes, people only need a one-time trash pickup. For example, homeowners who are replacing their kitchen appliances, living room furniture, or beds may want to have everything hauled off at the same time. On the other hand, a trash pickup contractor working on a new construction project may need a daily trash pickup to keep the site clean and safe.

What Can Be Removed During a Trash Pickup?

Just about any type of debris can be picked up and hauled to an appropriate disposal site. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Demolition and construction debris can include drywall, siding, windows, tiling, insulation, corrugated iron, shingles, plasterboard, concrete, and other building materials. Some materials, especially those from the demolition of older structures, may require special disposal methods to protect the environment. Some materials are also popular items at salvage yards that resell vintage or antique fixtures. Many of the newer materials are recyclable.
  2. Computers, televisions, and many other electronics should be taken to an appropriate recycling center. Other sources of potentially hazardous electronic waste include printers, cell phones, answering machines, video cameras, scanners, and DVD players.
  3. Refrigerators and air conditioners should also be given special attention. Whether they are commercial refrigeration units from grocery stores or restaurants, freezers and refrigerators from suburban homes, or pop machines from a company’s snack bar, older units can pose an environmental threat.
  4. Abandoned or foreclosed buildings may need to be cleared of their contents. In the case of a derelict building, the contents may need to be removed to ensure a safer demolition. In the case of a foreclosure, the contents may need to be removed so that the lender can repair or renovate the building before offering it for sale.
  5. Storms can uproot trees or break heavy limbs that will need to be removed from the property. In addition, when clearing undeveloped land, trees may need to be felled, undergrowth bulldozed, or rocks removed.
  6. Public works projects can also generate debris. For example, when repairing even a short span of a highway, several tons of concrete may need to be removed. When building or widening a road on rocky terrain, there may be tons of rubble that need to be hauled away.

Austin trash pickup is just one of the services offered by Juniors Materials to our clients. We also offer Austin concrete demolition, excavation, dump truck hauling, landscape material delivery, road base installation, and decomposed granite delivery. We are also an Austin grading contractor, an Austin skid-steer contractor, and an Austin water or soil sinking contractor. We have an excellent reputation, great references, and very competitive prices. To request a free quote, you can either phone us at 512-924-6887 or submit our online form.